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If you think of a fashion guru, Phil Knight is the last person that would come to mind. But Knight is actually a very important figure in the world of fashion, especially in sports apparel. Phil Knight is inarguably the king of sports fashion, if not the king of sports controversy.

Without a degree in fashion, his clothing and shoe company did not start out in typical fashion style. Philip Hampson Knight started out by selling Japanese Adidas knockoffs from the back of his car. However, with the help of his track coach, Bill Bowerman, they came up with designs that were innovative and functional. Knight even tested new shoes out himself.

His business degree and a calling for entrepreneurship played a significant part in his success. By mixing that up with his love for sports, he was able to build his shoe empire and expand into sportswear and equipment. He redefined the business of sports, especially with the way he inadvertently made other athletes part of his brand as his product.  Now, are you wondering what his company is? It’s Nike.

His strength lies in the way he is willing to take risks, especially on the marketing side. Nike has always come up with bold and memorable marketing slogans and advertisements. Knight seems to thrive on the amount of publicity and controversy his ad could generate, focusing on getting the product out there and in everybody’s face. It had even come to a point when all that was needed was a swooshing sound and everybody knew what it was.

His campaigns may have caused controversy; his love for sports may have made him too extravagant to a fault; but no one can deny how his brand, the logo and the slogans have become more popular because of them.

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