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Tim Blixseth’s life is a rags-to-riches story. Penniless and with only one hour of college education, he sought to become rich, and succeeded.

Born to Norwegian immigrants in 1950, Blixseth grew up in an impoverished household. His father, who fell ill to undulant fever before he was born, was incapable of supporting their needs. As such, the family was forced to live on welfare. Blixseth was the youngest of five children.

Blixseth developed an interest for music at an early age; he originally intended to become a musician or a songwriter. However, growing up without a penny to his name pushed him to pursue a career in business and profit instead. During his teens, Blixseth worked at lumber mills and grocery stores to earn extra money. He took Saturday classes to catch up on his studies.

The budding entrepreneur made his first deal selling donkeys three times their original price. Profit margins excited him, and so he began a career in trade.

Blixseth dropped out of college after attending a single class at Umpqua Community College. For him, learning academics was not as useful as learning how to make money. He started working in lumberyards, where he made profit by purchasing and selling timberland. He amassed great wealth and continued to gamble his funds.

Blixseth experienced his first encounter with failure in the early 1980s, when lumber companies started rigging sales to bring the value of timber down by ninety percent.

Despite the obstacles surrounding his career, Blixseth is one of the few entrepreneurs to make it to the Forbes billionaire list. Although he is currently facing more money troubles, the real estate developer and timber company owner will always be an example of how hard work and persistence can improve one’s financial situation.

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