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For Jeff Miller, one of the founders of Wheelz, finding sustainable transportation solutions is a way of life. After graduating from Northwestern with a bachelors degree, Miller earned an MBA from Stanford and an MPA from Harvard. He’s worked for the Boston Consulting Group as well as the United Nations in Kenya, and he spent three years working on sustainable transportation solutions with Better Place.

Wheelz is a company that facilitates car sharing among students at Stanford University. Students with cars can sign up with the service that allows them to rent their vehicles out for any length of time, from an hour or two to a couple of days. The company installs security hardware in each car that allows users access via a smartcard. Vehicles enrolled in the Wheelz program are insured up to $1 million during rental periods, so the vehicle owners are not responsible for damage that occurs when someone rents their car.

The company has raised nearly $14 million in venture capital in its first round of funding and plans to launch the service at the University of California, Berkeley next week. Programs at the University of Southern California and University of California, Los Angeles will follow.

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