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For a certain fee, advertisers rent billboards to promote their product or service. The business produces easy money for billboard owners, but not every aspiring entrepreneur can afford to put up a billboard. Jason Sadler realized this early on but decided to pursue the business anyway — with a twist. The twenty-eight-year-old founded so he can get paid to wear shirts that act as billboards.

Don’t be fooled; wearing t-shirts for a living takes a lot more work than one would think. Every day, Sadler has to wear a different shirt printed with a different company logo. The hard part is getting companies to pay him to wear their brand. Sadler has to prove his marketing ability to numerous companies to get a deal. He then has to promote the heck out of what he is wearing through various social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Sadler got his first client,, in 2009. He was paid a dollar to wear their branded shirt. The following day, he charged his second client two dollars. He continued this pattern until the end of the year — and earned seventy thousand dollars in the process.

The human billboard gets his clients through word of mouth, a testament of his effectiveness as a viral marketer. Sadler increased his prices in 2010 — from an initial two dollars up to five dollars at the beginning of the year — as his number of clients grew. He also had to hire four more people to wear t-shirts. Employees were selected through a video resume, which people then voted for on YouTube.

With, Sadler expects to earn at least half a million dollars this year. His ingenious business concept —which can be described as a modern-day sandwich board — is far from a new phenomenon, but it certainly brought forth a novel kind of advertising.

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