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Plato said it best when he philosophized that necessity is the mother of invention. This is definitely the case with Arthur Zang, a 24-year-old engineer from Cameroon, a country about the size of California located on the west coast of Central Africa. The young engineer created a touch-screen medical tablet that can record test results and transmit them to a doctor, who can interpret them.

Cameroon has approximately 30 cardiac surgeons to service a population of more than 20 million. To make matters worse, these surgeons are all located in two of the country’s largest cities: Douala and Yaoundé. Those living outside of these two cities must travel long distances to the nearest city to receive a consultation from a cardiac doctor. Oftentimes appointments must be made months in advance, and more than one patient has died while waiting for his appointment to happen.

The Cardiopad comes with a module that allows nurses or other medical professionals to connect electrocardiogram (EKG) leads to the tablet. The medical professional then performs the EKG and transmits the results wirelessly to a cardiac specialist who can interpret the results. If further testing or treatment is needed, the patient can be transported to the nearest cardiac surgeon.

Several tests have been performed using the Cardiopad, and Zang states that the accuracy of the tablet is greater than 97.5 percent. These tests have been validated by the medical community in Camaroon. Zang’s Cardiopad is the first touch-screen medical tablet in Africa. Zang is currently seeking venture capital to mass-produce the device for commercial use. He hopes that the use of the device in Camaroon and throughout Africa will significantly reduce the cost of a heart exam and make it possible for all citizens to receive the necessary tests without having to travel such long distances and wait months for appointments.

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