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The Entrepreneur Factor

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Generally speaking, an entrepreneur takes risks to initiate a new service or business. Corporate leaders, on the other hand, direct the activities of established enterprises. Entrepreneurs often are oriented to change, innovation, and risk, while corporate executives frequently have a stronger commitment to maintaining the status quo and profiting from it. Most businesses today, recognizing their organizational need for entrepreneurs as well as leaders, hire executives for one or the other quality; it is relatively rare to find both in a single individual. Ashok Bagdy, currently its Vice President of Outsourcing Services for Cameo Corporate Services, possess both qualities.

Entrepreneurial behavior is second nature to Ashok Bagdy, who organized a citywide blood drives for the Lions/Leo Clubs when he was an undergraduate at Madras University in India. He also displayed his leadership qualities when, as an MBA candidate at Bharathiar University in Coimbatore, India, he served as the president of an intercollegiate organization of business students.

After he completed graduate school, Bagdy joined the family business and immediately exercised his entrepreneurial talents by significantly expanding the company’s market, especially in China. Many similar instances mark his career as an executive with both startup and established companies. For example, at Cameo Corporate Services, Bagdy took the calculated risk of introducing speech recognition technology to the company. The risk paid off, and speech recognition is now used in 75 percent of Cameo’s work.

While inherently risky, entrepreneurialism can seem exciting and attractive; corporate leadership is often decidedly less so. Responsible for seeing that an enterprise’s daily routines are properly carried out, chief executive officers and other operating executives are usually accountable to a company’s stakeholders in a way that entrepreneurs are not. Corporate officers must sometimes implement unpopular policies. Ashok Bagdy has assumed his leadership responsibilities very successfully, often analyzing and streamlining back-office operations to enhance customer service and increase productivity. Although such measures are sometimes unpopular with rank-and-file employees, staff turnover at Cameo Corporate Services has been reduced by over 50 percent during Mr. Bagdy’s tenure, a testament to the strength of his leadership.

Cameo Corporate Services has gone from being a provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) within the Indian market to a significant contributor in the global BPO marketplace due to Ashok Bagdy’s combination of entrepreneurial spirit and disciplined business leadership.

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