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An app that helps improve your nightlife experience? Yes, there’s even an app for that now. The man to thank for this ingenious little app is Ben Silbert. His app Bar & Club Stats (BCS) pulls four pieces of data from every driver’s license scanned at a bar or club’s entrance and transmits the information to the BCS Web site using the bouncer’s iPhone or iPod. The app reports how many people are at a specific venue and provides real-time data on age, location and gender, so you’ll know if a club or bar is worth visiting before you wait in line or pay a cover charge.

The BCS scanner collects and transmits the demographic information anonymously, so the patrons’ names and addresses are never in danger. This demographic information can also be used by the management of the establishment to refine their marketing and get a better idea of who their key audience is. Many of the scanners currently used by bouncers to verify driver’s licenses offer this information as well, but the management needs to plug the scanner into a computer via a USB port and extract the information. With BCS, they can visit the Web site and gain instant access to the desired information.

BCS is currently being used in about 20 venues in New York and New Jersey. The consumer app is expected to launch in June.

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