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Darwin Deason has come a long way from his family’s farm in Arkansas. Today, he owns an expansive Palm Desert, California compound, a 14,000-square-foot Dallas penthouse, and a 205-foot yacht in Monte Carlo’s harbor. He became a success in the business world offering a much-needed service to other companies: cheap labor.

How did the farm boy who never attended college reach the billion-dollar mark?

Ironically, Deason acquired his wealth and success by helping other companies and government factions save money. His company, Affiliated Computer Services, was established in 1988 with this particular goal in mind. Under his leadership, the company became a pioneer in outsourcing. He provided clients options for cheaper labor by shipping office work, like payroll processing, to countries such as Mexico and Guatemala – where production costs were inexpensive.

Since companies want to decrease their production expenditures, Deason found himself handling an increasing number of clients. As their costs went down, his profits shot up. The farm boy had become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in America.

According to Deason, the secret to his success was a combination of hustle and discipline. These traits carried over to his employees at ACS, who came in to work early and stayed later.

Deason sold ACS to Xerox in February 2010 and is still a highly-regarded figure in the business industry. Thanks to his strong work ethics,  Darwin Deason became a self-made billionaire.

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