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The Entrepreneur Factor

An accomplished attorney and businessman who also holds a doctoral degree in psychiatric medicine, Steven Pinkert currently applies himself as Managing Partner of Pinkert & Marsh, P.A., a Miami, Florida-based private practice he established in 2002. Providing comprehensive legal counsel to a widely varied client base, Mr. Pinkert specializes in transactional law and professional licensing, import and exports with a specific focus on Chinese market entry, patent law, civil litigation, criminal defense, and immigration. Affiliated with the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the American Trial Lawyers Association, Steven Pinkert recently returned from his 34th foray to the Far East. Mr. Pinkert met with the heads of various Chinese companies interested in gaining a foothold within the North American and Latin American markets. Facilitating the expansion interests of numerous U.S.-headquartered corporations as well, Steven Pinkert acts as a liaison for American enterprises interested in carving out a niche in Asia. With Mr. Pinkert’s assistance, these organizations are able to improve manufacturing activities and to bolster overall profits by efficiently allocating readily available resources.

In conjunction with his responsibilities at Pinkert & Marsh and his international business consultancy work, Steven Pinkert acts a Chairman of the Board for Signum U.S. Healthcare, Inc., a company with global reach that has attracted attention for its partnership with China. Involved in a joint venture that will bring advanced stereotactic radio-surgery technology to the Chinese medical community, Signum has already received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for CyberKnife, an innovative imaging guidance tool that allows surgeons to treat otherwise inoperable tumors of the brain, spinal column, and surrounding areas. Mr. Pinkert has functioned as Associate Director and Partner of the CyberKnife Center of Palm Beach since 2006.


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