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The Entrepreneur Factor

Military veterans are nearly 50 percent more likely to start their own business than those without active-duty military experience. According to census data collected in 2007, veterans owned 2.4 million businesses, which represents 9 percent of all businesses in the U.S. These businesses generated more than a trillion dollars in receipts and employed more than five million people.

One such veteran/entrepreneur is Robert Dyer, a Marine Corps aviation officer, developed his idea for a nutritional supplement that could provide enough nutrients for a soldier while sitting around a campfire with his Marine and Navy buddies in Afghanistan. While on deployment, Dyer developed the idea further, with the blessing of his buddies, some of whom are minority partners in the venture. When he returned from deployment in late 2009, he put more effort into the fledgling business and the Ruckpack was born. Each two-ounce Ruckpack provides an energy boost as well as a whole host of vitamins, electrolytes and other ingredients to help soldiers stay in peak mental and physical performance during missions.


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